Remote Services
Remote Support Info

How it works

Our remote support services allows our technicians to provide you with fast secure service while saving you money and increasing productivity. One of our technicians can connect directly to your system and show you how to complete a task or diagnose a problem. Remote support can be used to complete as much as 80% of the daily issues encountered by companies, without the need and extra cost of an on-site visit. In most cases, we can offer support to your employees at hotels, airports, and other remote locations. Our remote support services are provided by our onsite engineers and all are based in the United States. We do not sell our service to third party companies.

Some examples of our remote support services include:
  • General problem diagnosis
  • Pop-Up ads
  • Error messages
  • Spyware & malware removal
  • Crashing and performance issues
  • Email connection issues
  • Virus removal
  • Device installation assistance
  • Software assistance

A server, desktop, or laptop with a broadband internet connection.

Your internet connection requires a minimum of a 3 Mbps upload speed for our remote support service. Check your internet speed at our SpeedTest page.

Other options

If remote services are not an option, our engineers are able to visit your business for on-site services.